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Perhaps now that new members of the family have arrived, it is time to change houses, because the one you live in has become too small for you. Or maybe you need a change of scene and this is the best time to look for a new home. In one case and in another, it is best to inform yourself well in a real estate portal that can recommend the best property based on your preferences and possibilities.

And for you to go to advise you with the most information in your hands, we want to provide you with a few tricks that will come in handy to assess all the options at your fingertips.

First, visit several homes that catch your eye. Many times we run the risk of opting for the first one we visit and we really like it. It is something very logical, but it is good that you bear in mind that the same thing happens with the house as with other purchases: there may be more than one option that you like a lot. It would be a shame to keep the first one to discover in a short time that there was another even more attractive within our reach.
Take a good look at the space of the house you visit, how it is organized and how you could distribute your belongings and furniture. The distribution may not quite fit with the idea you had in mind. In that case, don't worry and keep studying other alternatives. It would not hurt to think about the use that you may need to give it in the future, with other rooms to occupy if younger children come to the family or you have to take care of a family member.
During your visits, study very well the orientation of the house or apartment in question. Do you get the light you would like in the morning? And afternoon? Is the façade aligned in the direction that the wind blows and rains usually blows? All these factors are decisive to achieve the comfort you need and avoid problems such as humidity on the walls or excessive cold in winter. If there is no other option, it would not hurt to think about thermally insulating the facade to avoid this problem.
It is always appreciated to live near places such as hospitals, pharmacies and also shops where we can make our purchases without having to travel more than a few meters. Therefore, take note of the location of the home you are thinking of buying or renting, and its proximity to all these services.
Ask the neighbors about the living conditions related to the area in which the property is located: neighborhood tranquility, whether or not it is a conflictive area, etc.
The quality of the materials is also a point to take into account, since if it is not very good in the long run it will give us problems and, in addition to the loss of comfort, we will have to make new investments in repairs.
If you like the house but it would be necessary to do some work, such as to install that American kitchen with a bar that you have dreamed of so much, how much will it cost? It may be a good idea to find a home that already includes you at a similar price.
Environmental noise can become a real problem on a day-to-day basis, so check if the area is very noisy and if the house incorporates soundproofed windows.
As environmental conditions change from one day to the next, and even during the same day they can go through several phases, it is best that you visit the home you like a couple of times at least, if it can be during the day and also in the evening.
Finally, do not get carried away by the initial euphoria and make sure that the price they ask is the right one for this property based on its square meters, location, age, quality of construction, etc.

7 tips when choosing the house of your dreams

For anyone looking to realize the dream of owning a house, the advice in this section can be very useful to make the best decision at this important moment in life.


Buying a house is not something that is done every day, so it is important that you analyze your options, compare and make the best purchase decision.
Consider the following when choosing your next home:
Prestige of the construction company
Investigate the Projects carried out by the construction company in question, to get a good reference on their work. Analyze if the structures are preserved and if they are projects or condominiums approved by the Insured Mortgage Promotion Institute, FHA. This will give legal certainty to your purchase and confidence in the type of construction.

House design
Identify the characteristics of the construction that interests you. Size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, service areas, lighting, closets and choose based on the one that best meets your needs. We share some designs and environments that you will love here.
We share a house design comparison table for you to analyze between several options:

7 tips when choosing the house of your dreams

That the location of your future home does not depend on where your children work or study. Consider that the place to live is a decision for life, while your workplace may change and in the medium term, your children will finish their studies. It is best to evaluate the place based on how you feel in that environment, the proximity of shops, hospitals, shopping centers among other places that will be part of your new life. Also evaluate security, green areas to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Visualize the ideal environments for your next home here.

Financing options

Ask about the financing alternatives that exist to acquire your home. The advisor must guide you and put at your disposal different options tailored to your needs, in order to make your dream come true and acquire the house you have always wanted, according to your possibilities. Currently, the Banks in Guatemala offer you excellent and very low interest rates that facilitate the qualification for a loan, because at a lower rate, you require lower income to qualify.

Take advantage of the housing fairs

Find out about events related to housing fairs that bring together the greatest number of options when it comes to housing. Attend and get closer to the developers, who will offer you additional benefits that will improve your purchase.

Differences between house or apartment

The decision to buy a house or apartment is very personal, however there are important differences that you should know:


A house offers you a private garden that most apartments do not have.
The exterior maintenance of a home is a personal decision, while the maintenance of a building is the joint decision of all its owners.
A home doesn't come with the inconvenience that an elevator can cause you when the power goes out or is out of use.
In a house you will have your vehicle closer and more accessible. While in a building no, mainly when you forget something inside it.


Depending on the location, an apartment may offer you better views than a house.
Building security is usually more controlled than in a home.
The sale price per square meter in an apartment is usually higher than that of a house depending on its location.

Quality of life

It is about the well-being, happiness and satisfaction of the human being and their personal fulfillment. It influences the personality and the environment in which it lives and develops.
The quality of life is also influenced by the physical health of the subject, psychological state, level of independence, social relationships and the relationship with the essential elements of their environment.

For all the above, it is important that you take into account the social environment in which your new home is located, since your children will grow up there. Who will their friends be? Who will they play with? And mainly, how will your security be. Evaluate if they will have areas where they can develop physically, practice sports, exercise, walk, distract themselves and something very important: where you and your partner can relax, away from city stress.
The World Health Organization, WHO, defines quality of life as “the perception that an individual has of his place in existence, in the context of the culture and value system in which he lives and in relation to his objectives , their expectations, their standards, their concerns ”.
Each of these tips will help you decide on the best house, but above all, the one that will be part of your life.

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