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Do you know how to choose the best software for your company?

 Do you know how to choose the best software for your company?

Do you know how to choose the best software for your company?

ERP, CRM, Project Manager ... are just some of the programs that tend to focus on companies, regardless of their size. And it is that in times of "digital transformation", trusting accounting or customer management to programs such as Word and Excel in most cases has passed away.

Especially when more and more options are available to business users, whether they prefer to store their corporate information on their own servers or, above all, they have no problem trusting the cloud.

This breadth of options, however, is not without its problems. The main one, which may not be exactly easy, is to choose the most appropriate option. What product best suits my needs? Which one will offer me a better quality-performance / price ratio? Which providers are trustworthy?

If until recently finding the best option went through such low-tech options as word of mouth or in the best of cases, ads on the Internet / social networks, fortunately now we have much more interesting options to discover that computer tool that can fit like a glove in our company.

This is the case of Appvizer, a startup and SaaS b2b Magazine that has made the recommendation of the best business management software its business model. In this sense, in the publication we find all kinds of content and software recommendations related to business organization and planning, finance and accounting, customer relationship management, business collaboration, analytics and business intelligence, human resources, marketing , etc. All to prevent companies from making the main mistakes they can make when they embark on the search for new software.

Six mistakes selecting business software

But how do we select the best software? Each company is different and has its own peculiarities, its way of working, so there is no universal rule. But this does not mean that most make the same mistakes when selecting their professional software. The main ones are the following:

Not being aware of the needs of the company: A software is a tool that will be used for a long time, so you have to make a forecast for the future. Therefore, it is necessary to contemplate that the company can grow, so the solution must be able to cover everything that is demanded later.

Not knowing what software you need: Given the large number of options on the market, the user may not know how to detect well what type of solution or what features interest him.

The cheapest offer: In the process of searching for software, many companies may be "attracted" to those solutions that offer a cheaper price. In business, the good, pretty, and cheap rule is rarely enforced.

Ignore the after-sales service: Many times there is an aspect that is not taken into account when purchasing new software: the after-sales service. And yet, it is necessary to take it into account so as not to have scares when it comes to maintenance, support and training.

Ignore employees: In the process of searching for software, it is essential to involve the entire team.

Forget about professional advice: Many employers consider that it is not necessary to have professionals when it comes to finding a solution that suits their needs. However, this is a serious mistake, as it is a complex process in which specialist advice is essential.

And this is precisely what we will find in Appvizer, a SaaS b2b magazine and professional software comparison tool that will help us take the first steps to find exactly the application that our company needs. Do you give it a try?.

Finding the ideal computer tool is a job that requires having a person in charge or a team focused only on this mission and, above all, time that is very valuable at a productive level.

There is a wide variety of types of software solutions on the market, focused on the management of different aspects of the company: ERP, warehouses and logistics, marketing and sales, Human Resources, contact center ...

And each one with its corresponding modules and benefits.

You can also find vertical programs that include everything you need for a certain sector: Industry, Medical Centers, Construction, Hotels ...

And all with them with versions "cloud" or to host on the server itself.

Where do I start looking? But above all, am I looking for what I really need?

Calls to software manufacturers, hours on the Internet or email crossings for months until we find what we believe is our ideal solution, not simply the best-selling or best-advertised.

Do not despair. Finding the right tool is too complex a task.

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